Long Term Rental

Long term van rental & long term car rental


Long term car rental or long term van rental is cheaper than conventional Daily Car Rental & Daily Van Rental packages and does not have the long term commitment or termination penalties associated with most Contract Hire or Leasing packages. We give you a flexible rental period without any termination penalties or hidden extras with a term to suit you. We can deliver vehicles throughout the United Kingdom, so please contact us with your requirements, if you require multiple vehicles, we can tailor make packages to suit your needs.

Why choose flexible Long Term Rental?

In Today’s uncertain world we have experienced a massive growth in demand for our Flexible products. Companies are replacing Long Term Lease vehicles and vehicles they purchased outright with our vehicles taken on a flexible basis. They then have total flexibility over their fleet of cars and vans only paying for vehicles when they need them and returning them when they are no longer required. This also means you will have a fresh vehicle throughout your rental period. 

Benefits of Long Term Car Rental & Van Rental

There are no Termination Penalties
There are no Long Term commitments
You have vehicles when you want them for as long as you want them
The price we quote includes all servicing and routine maintenance costs
You get the latest makes and models
You get to choose between various mileage options

Uses for Short Term Contract Hire

Taking on Temporary of trial staff
Starting up a new business venture
Replacing tired, existing company cars
Staff visiting from overseas
Waiting for new vehicles to be delivered
Vehicles for temporary projects
Seasonal work